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Our Objectives

  • To Provide value based quality education in all fields.
  • To Teach Students to be morally sound, scientifically advanced and Technologically Sharp.
  • To provide tremendous opportunities for the growth and harmoniouse development of the child.
  • To ensure conductive enviroment to develop the skills of social intrraction in the personality.

Vision & Mission

The main objectives of the institution are the all round development of Students' Personality i.e. to make them physically sound,mentally mature,emotionally healthy and spiritually awake.It cherishes to impart such education that will enable them to move away from the narrow domestic walls of caste, creed, language and region to national identity.It tries to inculcate in them a genuine spirit of co-operation, team spirit, social service and dignity of labour. It also helps them to participate in all....

Sports & Activities

  • Game indoor and outdoor
  • Picnic and tours
  • Physical Education

Welcome to Christian Green Wood Sr Sec School

Christian Greenwood School which opened in 1990 mainly aims at preparing the pupils for their further duties by a careful cultivation of their hearts and minds. We o by the principles of law, justice and truth in developing in the children all qualities which make up a noble and accomplished men and women. We instil in them refined manners, besides encouraging maximum achievement in academic persuades. Thus at all levels we strive for the total and integral development of our students. The school follows the P.S.E.B syllabus. The school also has its program socially useful and productive work and community service in order to create in the student's awareness of the positive value of work and induce in them the spirit of service and helpfulness others.

Principal’s Desk

Mrs. Rosie Choudhary
“It is my earnest desire and prayer to almighty god that each student who passes through our hands may leave us as a refined person, searching lofty ideals, enriching society and be a great asset to his/her family and motherland. He/She may attain perfection to reach the zenith of Life.

News & Events

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